Kragujevac, Press, Page: 16, 2. septembar 2008.

Plaza Center in Kragujevac

Isrealis yesterday stared construction of large shopping and entertainment center which they will invest EUR 60 million in. Construction completion in 18 months.

Author: M. Raca

Kragujevac – After Minister of the National Investment Plan Verica Kalanovic laid the corner stone in the Stara Radnicka Kolonija neighborhood in Kragujevac, work started on the construction of the Israeli Plaza Center, the largest business, shopping and entertainment center in the Balkans. It will have an area of 80,000 square meters, and according to Sagiv Meger, manager of the Plaza Centers, EUR 60 million will be invested in it.

“Many people have asked us why Kragujevac. My response is that this is a city that has a fast-growing market, great opportunities and potential. Kragujevac is an ideal combination – a large city on a good location in the region, it has an educated and well-motivated workforce, said Meger, adding that today Plaza is the largest and fastest growing company involved in shopping and entertainment centers.

He said that the shopping mall will include 100 global brands and local manufacturers. There will also be cafes, exclusive restaurants, as well as a 350-seat fast food restaurant. The Plaza Center will also have a 900-seat theatre complex. Mager announced that a 2,000 square-meter Fantasy Park will be situated within the center, as well as a bowling alley, billiards hall and small sports courts.

“Not to make this speech long, let’s immediately lay the corner stone because we have to begin with the construction,” Meger said. According to his announcement, the magnificent shopping mall in Kragujevac will be complete in 18 months.

In welcoming Israeli Ambassador Arthur Koll, the Mayor of Kragujevac, Veroljub Stevanovic, said that Plaza Center is only the first Israeli investment in Kragujevac, announcing that negotiations are already under way for the next one. After the opening of the Plaza Center around 2,000 people will find work, it was announced.

Minister of NIP Verica Kalanovic stated yesterday in Kragujevac that investor interest in trade and services are the first indicators of the development of a city. She pointed out that after the opening of the Plaza talks will continue with city authorities on creating further conditions for Kragujevac to become one of the largest economic centers in Serbia.

Yesterday, in Kragujevac, in the celebration atmosphere of the opening of the Plaza Center, she announced complete changes in the projects regarding energy efficiency, and that in 2009 realization will start of projects for reconstructing the water and sewer system and water treatment plant.


Investment in infrastructure

“We have talked about infrastructural projects with the city administration now, ahead of the signing of the agreement with Fiat. Towards the end of the year we will continue highway section from Kragujevac to Batocina, which will connect the city to Corridor X. RSD 104 million will be invested in this. As far as new projects for 2009, 2010 and 2011 are concerned, they include large infrastructural projects for Kragujevac and the municipalities in the vicinity. EUR 150 million will be allocated for this in the following three years. The regional road from Kragujevac to Kraljevo will be completed, and a northern ring road will be completed in the city itself. We also face the reconstruction of the Kragujevac-Lapovo railroad, which will be done according to all European standards. It will be completed in late 2010,” explained Minister of NIP Verica Kalanovic.

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