Kragujevac, Kurir, Page: 7, 6. oktobar 2008.

Sumadija Residents Becoming Polyglots

Someone speaks, someone parles – foreign language courses gain popularity in Kragujevac

Author: B. Kuljanin

Kragujevac – In order to be able to compete for any of the jobs that Plaza Center has announced a competition for, the candidates must have perfect English knowledge.

The Israeli company which is developing the commercial and economic City Center, worth EUR 60 million, has announced a competition for five jobs in Kragujevac. This wouldn’t be unusual if the competition hadn’t been announced in English. There is no Serbian version! People that are planning on competing for the positions of mechanical engineers, designers, architects, tenders experts must know English “as their first language” and submit their biographies in Belgrade.

Kragujevac has already been overflowing with foreign investors – Italians, Slovenes, Israeli. The commotion caused by Fiat’s arrival is apparent in the fact that a day after the signing of the deal with the Italians Zastava Obrazovanje (education) had to hire additional Italian language instructors. Everyone is interested, directors and common workers, doormen, café owners and waiters…

Plaza Center is the first foreign company to sent a clear message through an advertisement in the Sumadija daily on what experts it needs and that there will be no nepotism in hiring. All five positions require organizational and expert competencies, computer literacy and high work motivation, in addition to qualifications and excellent knowledge of English. There can be no error! The company heads announced last month that the same international business standards will be applied in Kragujevac as they are in the largest metropolises in the world.

The city administration has also adapted to the market demands. In twenty days the Kragujevac city website will publish news in Serbia, English and Italian, in parallel.